Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Real Estate Pipeline?
Real Estate Pipeline is an independently owned and operated Real Estate Advertising Service Company for Real Estate firms and other real estate related entities. Real Estate Pipeline does not work directly with any real estate buyers or sellers. We do not receive any commissions or fees from any resulting transactions.
+ Why should I use your service?
You spend a lot of time and money managing a marketing program that is meant to generate leads. As you gather these leads, you still need to qualify them. Effectively, what you have done is committed resources to grow your business. Purchasing leads from us helps you cut through the expense of failed marketing efforts, both in terms of time and money. What you get from us, are what you hope to get from your personal marketing system - pre-screened, verified, leads. Now you can spend your time closing deals, not managing your marketing plan. It's just like what you tell your clients - real estate is what you do full-time. Because of this, you will be able to stay abreast of market conditions, trends, and the legal landscape on a day to day basis. Your service allows them to live their life, to do what they do. You'll handle the details and help them navigate the waters of their transaction. We do the same. We are your marketing partner.
+ How do you generate leads?
We do what most top producing agents do. We run ads. We also use the most powerful marketing tool available to anyone - the Internet. By managing hundreds of websites, and investing heavily on search engine placement and pay-per-click (Google, MSN, Yahoo) advertising, our system generates thousands of requests for real estate services every month. What gives us an advantage is that we use our national buying strength to negotiate preferred pricing. This is what we do - all day every day. Our team of dedicated, experienced marketing professionals has specific backgrounds in the areas of real estate, internet marketing, and publishing. Again, you already spend the money marketing. With our service, you're investing in a marketing system that is run by full time professionals.
+ Why do leads come to you instead of just calling a local agent?
In today's marketing environment, consumers increasingly begin their purchases by gathering information. They feel more comfortable arming themselves before speaking with a salesperson. One of the first places they go to do this is the Internet. In fact, studies published by the Direct Marketer's Association have found that 92% of people shopping for real estate services will begin their search on the Internet. Because we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year optimizing our search engine rankings, our lead generation sites are very likely to come up when a consumer makes a request. Because we are positioned as an intermediary, someone not directly selling to the consumers, their resistance is lowered when we speak to them during our verification process. Consumers prefer working with a referred agent rather than one they reach blindly by calling on an advertisement. Then when they speak to us, they are informed that they will be referred to a specialist in their area. An interesting psychological fact occurs when the consumer is referred. In their mind, a professional, not a salesperson, is now serving them.
+ What type of lead does your system generate?
We generate both home buyer and home seller leads. Our most effective method for generating seller leads is by advertising the opportunity to get a free home evaluation or broker price opinion through our network of subscribed agents. With so many types of properties out there for buyers, we have a network of buyer sites that deal with newly listed homes, lists of fixer uppers and information on Foreclosures, Short Sales and REO properties. For any of our leads, we outline the steps to submitting and verifying their information, and then let them know an agent in their area will be contacting them shortly.
+ What makes you different than other lead generating companies?
The difference is in our verification process. We have systems in place that wash the list of inquiries our marketing produces. This eliminates all the tire-kickers and disconnected phone numbers that other companies pass along as leads. The difference is quality. What would you rather have? Five verified leads that statistics show will result in one closed transaction, or 100 stale leads that YOU have to sort through in order to make one sale?
+ I get leads from my broker. Why should I pay for them?
If you're saying that you have enough business and are not interested in growing, that's wonderful. What we find when agents tell us this is that they are swamped. A major contributor to this feeling is that a significant amount of your time is committed to managing your marketing campaign and sorting through unqualified leads. Our feeling is that even though your broker provides you with leads, you are still doing some marketing on your own. The point of that marketing is to generate business. This is what we deliver. Verified leads that are delivered exclusively to you. We do the marketing, we do the verifying. You simply provide the real estate services and close the deals. Any pledged marketing program that promises to return 10-times your investment is one worth considering - don't you agree?
+ Will other agents receive the leads that you send to me?
NO. Our territories are exclusive to one agent. Other marketing companies will sell a territory to multiple agents, and you'll have to scramble to be the first one to contact that lead.
+ How many territories can I have?
Our Veteran and Rainmaker packages allow as many territories as you can manage. Our Pro package comes with a limit of 5 territories. We ask that you do not stretch your coverage too much in order to ensure quality service to the lead. However, you are welcome to select any available territories within your service area and package limit.
+ Does it cost more to have more areas?
No. You may have as many territories that your package allows for no extra charge. Again, you are paying for each lead we provide. The more territories that are exclusive to you, the more leads you will get.
+ Do I need to sign a contract?
No. As long as you have funds in your account, leads for your territories will be forwarded to you.
+ What happens when the funds in my account run out?
As you draw near to depleting your account, we will contact you to make sure you are aware of this. Should you choose to let it expire, the subsequent leads will be passed to the next agent in the queue for your territory. Due to the exclusive nature of our territories, we have agents anxiously waiting for many of our areas.
+ What is your refund policy?
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