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Janelle D. By Janelle D. • March 6, 2019

The Cost Of Lead Generation - DIY vs Our Solution

YOU - DIY vs REPL (2)(1)-1

To be successful as a real estate agent, you need leads.  It takes a lot of time, money, and technology to successfully generate real estate leads online.  Real Estate Pipeline (REPL) believes agents shouldn’t have to worry about all of the behind-the scenes work that goes into lead generation.  We want to save agents from having to figure out how to generate leads from their websites and, instead, focus on following up, nurturing, and building relationships so they can close deals.  

REPL - Overcome Obstacles

We take care of the pain points for agents -- paid advertising, digital marketing / social media, website publishing and optimization, validating contact information, etc.  By taking care of the technical work, we’re able to put agents on the fast track to closing deals. We generate and deliver verified real estate leads directly to their inbox --  all they need to do is call the lead, begin the nurturing process and ultimately close a transaction. What a life-saver!

Agents no longer have to struggle with DIY online lead generation.  We do the extensive background work so agents can focus on growing their business.  No more wasted time learning about social media marketing or how to stand out in a crowded newsfeed.  All of this takes time away from agents who simply want to receive verified leads, call them and fill their sales funnel. The following illustrates the amount of work our experts provide in order to successfully generate leads online, saving real estate agents valuable time and money:

Online lead Generation

In addition to the amount of work it takes to create an online lead generation system, once it’s in place it’s difficult to manage and requires a lot of human and financial resources.  Mastering the complex Google Adwords platform, learning how to standout in a crowded newsfeed, graphic design for social media and your website, understanding website data and analytics and using them to improve lead generation, time to manage everything (or hiring professionals), and the list goes on.  Online lead generation is not a create-it-and-leave-it system. It needs constant monitoring, management and improvement.

In the example below, REPL has already mastered the art of lead generation, saving real estate agents the hassle of having to do all of the technical background work themselves.  Agents only need to focus on the last 3 steps of the platform while REPL takes care of the rest.  By taking advantage of REPL’s proven system, agents can become more successful in a shorter period of time.

REPL’s fast and easy solution delivers leads directly to the agent’s inbox.  In 3 steps, agents will be on their way to growing their sales funnel. Support is included along with training, blog articles, and a knowledge base which provides answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  • 3 easy steps
  • Agents earn 100% commission
  • Support, training, and knowledge base included

It only takes a few minutes to create a REPL account and begin receiving verified real estate leads. No longer do agents have to handle the paid advertising, digital marketing, website publishing and validating contact information that comes with generating online leads. Instead agents can jump straight into building priceless relationships with leads.  In addition, agents keep all commission associated with a sale. Get started with Real Estate Pipeline’s verified leads today!

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