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Janelle D. By Janelle D. • September 4, 2018

Experience Montana in the Summertime, Via Our REPL Employees

At Real Estate Pipeline (REPL), we make the most of summertime in Montana.  In Missoula, we are surrounded by mountains, rivers, and nearby lakes, making it an ideal environment for outdoor activities.  We wanted to share some of our favorite summer photos and introduce you to some of our staff.  We hope you enjoy getting to know us.

What a summer it's been so far!  Lots of camping with family, and jammin' with some old-school friends!  ~ Brian Besel
Love ina cup!

Brian has played drums in various bands (Saint Rage, Illuminati, 6 Days Under) for decades. Top right: the good ol' days.  Lower right: recent jam session with the band.

Mary, one of our sales associates, recently remarried her husband of 18 years. She enjoys fishing our local rivers and lakes and is preparing for another hunting season.

Summer in the Hamptons

Top left:  Mary and husband at their wedding.  Top right: Steve Levine, REPL Sales Associate, attending the wedding. Lower left: Seth Schrader, Team Leader, and family with the bride.


Missoula is an amazing place in the summer, providing endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. My wife and I have spent our summer floating the Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers, camping, hiking, and attending numerous concerts at one of our spectacular outdoor venues.  ~ Josh Reed


Love ina cup! (3)

Top photo: Josh is the tall, bearded guy on the left.  Lower photo: Kettlehouse Amphitheater in Bonner, MT.

Seth, one of our Team Leaders, enjoys getting outdoors with his family and dog, attending Kettlehouse Amphitheater concerts, and volunteering. In March, he and his wife welcomed their new son, Sullivan, into the world!

The UES Studio

Top left:  Seth with his wife, new baby, Sullivan, and eldest son, Samuel.  Top right:  enjoying a concert at the amphitheater.  Bottom left:  volunteering at the Pearl Jam concert.  Bottom right: holding a turtle he found on a recent walk along the river.

After travelling 1000 miles, with 5 cats, Angela recently joined our marketing team and is getting settled in to her new home and surroundings.  Here she's enjoying the rapids on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River in Glacier National Park.

The UES Studio (3)

 Angela is in the front of the raft, wearing a blue jacket.

Mike, our CTO, enjoys time with family, shooting competitions, hunting, camping, grilling, local concerts and events.

The UES Studio (1)-1

Top left:  showing a fish to his son, Jordan. Top right:  grilling his famous kabobs.  Lower left:  His daughter, Ashlyn, on a carnival ride.  Lower right:  shooting at the gun range.

I enjoy hiking, camping, paddleboarding, gardening, photography and time with my family and dog. ~ Janelle


The UES Studio (2)-1

Top left:  Valley fog on a morning hike.  Top right:  Her newly adopted dog, Maizen.  Lower left: Sunflower in her garden.  Lower right:  Camping at Hauser Lake.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the staff at Real Estate Pipeline and seeing the activities we enjoy in the summer months.  You're welcome to visit anytime!