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Janelle D. By Janelle D. • May 10, 2019

4 Mother's Day Gift Ideas To Make Life Easier for Mom

Mother's Day not only honors mom, it gives us a chance to give back. Instead of giving mom the traditional flowers and candy, how about giving her something that can make her life easier. 

REPL_  Mother's DayMoms are busy no matter if they have young children at home or they're empty-nesters. Finding Mother's Day gifts that will make your mom's life easier will not soon be forgotten. These gifts are also great for moms who already have everything they'll ever need.

1) Cleaning Service

Moms work hard to keep the house clean but help is always appreciated. Consider hiring a professional to clean her house (not on Mother's Day...) or do it yourself. One day of cleaning can make a huge difference. Maybe the laundry room is heaped with clothes and covered in dryer dust. Imagine if your mom came home to find it spotless, with all of the clothes folded or on hangers.

2) Professional Organizer

Busy moms often find it difficult to stay organized. Mail gets thrown in a pile on the counter, the kids artwork gets stacked on the office desk, recycling bins overflow... It's nearly impossible to keep everything organized. Consider hiring a professional organizer to sit down and help your mom get things in order (make sure young children aren't around to distract her).

3) Gardener

Having a well-tended garden isn't an option for moms who are just trying to keep up with day-to-day schedules. Many moms wish they had time to pull weeds, plant flowers or grow an herb garden. Consider hiring a professional or someone from the neighborhood who loves to garden. Talk to your neighbors, look on Craigslist, or check out the Nextdoor app for suggestions.

4) Car Detailer

Cars get neglected as moms haul kids from one event to the next. Spilled drinks, random wrappers, spare change, jackets, etc., litter the inside of most mini vans. Schedule an appointment with a professional or tackle it yourself. Imagine how happy mom will be to see a polished car and spotless interior.


You can make life easier for your mom on Mother's Day, simply by giving her a practical gift that won't soon be forgotten.  Imagine the smile on your mom's face when she comes home to a clean house or newly planted flowers. Decide if you want to DIY or hire a professional then get after it. These are also great gift ideas for moms who already have everything or are just difficult to buy for. Regardless of what you decide to give you mom for Mother's Day, let her know how much you mean to her and how grateful you are for everything she does to make your life easier. And.... don't forget the card!