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Janelle D. By Janelle D. • October 17, 2018

How 10 Real Estate Apps Can Change Your Life

As a busy real estate agent, you want to be as efficient and profitable as possible but you often get bogged down as you try to manage every aspect of your business.  By implementing apps, you will get more done over the course of a day, spend less time at your desk, spend more time out in the field... and they could change your life.  Apps help increase your efficiency by streamlining tasks, providing professional and personal reminders, outlining next steps in your transactions, and so much more. Below we’ve provided a list of real estate apps (including some bonus suggestions) which will help you streamline your daily activities, impress your clientele, and grow your sales funnel. 


Voice ControlAssist

1) Voice Control Assistant

Life will get much easier when you start using a voice-activated personal assistant on your smart device. Use your voice get things done without lifting a finger. Make to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, research properties, check traffic and anything else your heart desires.

 _What's the weather going to be like sunday at noon__

2) Voice to Text Voice ControlAssist (1)

Using speech recognition on your smart device will save you time and keep a running tab of all notes. You can record notes on the fly, transcribe meeting notes, organize information about a client or property, clip web articles, and more.  You'll be the agent that never forgets a single detail and leaves your clients impressed.

detective by charlie logo

3) Detective by Charlie 

This unique app does detective work for you so you can spend less time researching and more time serving your clients.  Want to present a new company or product to your broker?  Use Charlie to do the research for you and you'll shine at the next meeting. Get insights on prospect's likes/dislikes and pains/priorities so your sales team can get to the heart of the matter and turn them into customers. Charlie helps your sales team save time and make solid connections vs. wasting time calling or emailing dead-end prospects.  


4) Relationship Management App

Voice ControlAssist (2)

A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app is imperative in real estate. CRM systems not only store contacts and their information but provide automatic reminders so you can keep in touch with them and grow relationships. These apps can help you manage deals and tasks, send you project status reminders so you stay on top of what's most important, and some even integrate with other services like Office 365 and LinkedIn.


5) DocuSignDocuSign Logo

If you haven’t used DocuSign, you must be living under a rock. No longer do we need to have clients meet us at the office to sign documents. With digital document you can take advantage of electronic signatures on the fly. Sign contracts, counter offers, approval notices, etc. all on your smart device.


6) Real Estate Transaction Management Software 

Voice ControlAssist (3)

Real estate transaction apps not only keep track of transaction stages, but the listing information and all contacts associated with them too. You can track communication with your clients and contractors and view in an outline format. Checklists are available to help ensure you check every box as you work to close a sale. 


7) Expensify  Expensify logo

You know the pain of trying to keep track of your receipts -- gas, travel expenses, staging, etc. What a headache! Now you can use Expensify to scan receipts and compile them in one place for quick reference. No more shuffling through a box of receipts at tax time.


8) Swipeable Virtual Keyboards  Voice ControlAssist (4)

Save time when texting by tracing the word across the alphabet on your cell phone  keyboard. No more typos and you can take advantage of word prediction.


9) Spacio  Spacio app logo

Digital open house sign-in sheets, like Spacio, make it easier to gather signatures from open house guests and deliver them to your CRM software. After a visitor signs in, you can add notes about them, then Spacio does a social profile and scores them. The information will help you provide focused marketing information, such as specific property details they may not have received at the open house, so you can make a good impression and get them into your sales funnel.


10) Digital Marketing Material  Voice ControlAssist (5)

When creating posts for social media, an infographic for a presentation, an e-book, flyer, your bio, etc., you can use these apps to quickly and easily create professional looking marketing material. Crello even offers a real estate category to save you time -- simply add some new text to an existing template, download and post. You can also create animated images that will catch the attention of those quickly scrolling through social media.


As you can see, there are many apps which are designed to make your life as a real estate agent more efficient and profitable. Whether you want to obtain information quickly, deliver digital material to a client, sign a document, receive automatic reminders, boost your ability to market to your client base, or simply track your professional expenses, there’s an app for that. We hope you’ll try some of these apps and visit us in the future when we update our list to include the latest and greatest real estate apps.