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Janelle D. By Janelle D. • October 24, 2018

Unexpected Ways to Use Drip Email Marketing in Real Estate

If you are not adding your real estate prospects to a drip email campaign, it's unlikely you're seeing many conversions and you're probably wasting a lot of time (yours and theirs).  Drip email marketing campaigns send personalized, pre-written messages to leads in an efficient way, through a series of automated emails. Your drip email campaign should be aimed at reaching your leads consistently, helping them through the buyer/seller journey, offering relevant information, and ultimately getting them to choose you as their real estate agent.

Drip Email Open Rates

  • Use your emails to start a conversation vs. jumping right into a sales pitch
  • Your recipients shouldn't even realize the emails are pre-written
  • Make the recipient feel like the emails are written just for them
  • Focus on building relationships

A Welcome Twist

Start your email drip campaign with a "welcome" or introductory email. You can quickly introduce yourself and then provide something of value to the potential client.  For example, send helpful emails that get prospects to read your blog articles. They'll have access to a lot of valuable information, and they'll get to know you better through your articles. The following email focuses on serving the needs of the client vs. advertising why you're the agent they should choose.

Qualified Leads

Subject: Welcome! I’ve Got Some Good News

Hi __________:

Welcome! My name is _________ and I appreciate you stopping by my website, __________. I know that buying a home is a BIG deal and I want to make it easier by sharing some blog articles that will help you navigate the home search process with ease.

These are some of my most popular blog articles, with comments from clients saying the tips made all the difference in quickly finding the home of their dreams.

[Blog link]

[Blog link]

[Blog link]

Feel free to browse other articles as well, but I thought these would be most beneficial as you begin to search for the perfect home. Questions? Simply reply to this email, text or call. Thank you!


Home Search on Your Website

You'll likely generate many leads from prospects searching for homes on your website.  Here's a "welcome" email that gets to the point quickly.

Subject line: I know we just met but... 

Hi _______,

I appreciate you stopping by my website to search for properties!

Can you tell me a bit about the type of home you’re looking for? When are you hoping to move into a new home?


If You Have Website Analytics

If your website provides analytics, including the prospects price range, this might be a good email to send after a "welcome" email.

Subject line: I’ve got more info on...

Hi _______,

Those home you were looking at in the $200K - $275K range? I just learned of a few new options for you. When is a good time to chat?

Drip Email Triggers - REPL

If They Click On a Link or Download An Attachment

You're moving in a positive direction if the lead clicks on a link or downloads an attachment.  Now they're engaged and it's a good time to reach out and set up a time to meet.

Subject line: Save $ Selling Your Home

Hi ________,

Good move opening my ebook.... Now you’ve got a better idea of how you can save time (and your sanity!) when getting your house ready for the market.

Let’s set up a time to talk. Are you free for lunch on Thursday?


Add a Testimonial

Adding a client testimonial can help sway prospects to choose you as their real estate agent.

Subject line: Sold Above Asking Price

Why do I love what I do? I get to help people sell their homes quickly. I get to hear their joy when their home sells fast, and I want you to be one of those people.

“I struggled to find the best agent to sell my house, until I met _________. Within days, he had my home on the market and we received multiple offers before the first open house. Needless to say, we didn’t end up having the open house AND we sold ABOVE OUR ASKING PRICE!”

Colleen S.

I want you to feel the relief that so many of my clients have felt selling their homes in record time.  So if you are unsure about which agent you should choose to sell your house, consider choosing an agent that loves his job and loves making clients happy.

Please visit my website for more testimonials from my clients (and maybe some of your friends) and let’s get your house sold. http://SellMyHomeFast.com


Infographic Email

5 Tips When Moving

Create an infographic
to focus the prospect's attention on a specific topic. People like visuals, especially when they get to the point quickly. If it's part of a blog article, link the graphic to the article.

  • “5 Tips to Consider When Moving”
  • “How to Pare Down Your List of New Home 'Must Haves'"
  • "How to Easily Move an Entire Family"
  • "Relocating and Buying a Home"
  • "When Is The Best Time To Move?"




Add Some Emotion or a Personal Experience

Using an emotional trigger in an email can cement a relationship with a prospect.  They will feel like they have a personal connection with you.  For example, if you're gearing your email towards a family with small children, consider writing from the child's perspective or saying something like, "My daughter told me to write it like this". Very engaging.

Subject line:  My Daughter Asked Me to Tell You This

Hi __________,

My daughter knows you have a family and she wanted me to tell you that her mommy has found many, many homes for families with kids.  She now goes to school with some of these kids and it looks like they're going to become lifelong friends.

There are a couple of open houses coming up in the school district you're most interested in.  Would you like to meet this week and get a preview?  


The ultimate goal of a drip email campaign is to convert prospects into sales.  Always keep in mind, what’s valuable to one customer might not be to another customer -- you’ve got to have a system in place that can direct the customer to the right information vs. sending them irrelevant information. That's where automatic drip email campaigns and automatic triggers come into play. Send the right email to the right person at the right time. This way your prospects will think each email was written especially for them.  Take advantage of analytics which will give you the insights you need to improve your email drip campaigns and convert more leads.  Create real value for your customers using drip email campaigns and you’ll create real connections and future sales.